Vintage look 

Hey bloggers, 

As you probably know I absolutely love fashion. Sometimes I can take fashion too serious though. Fashion is suppose to be fun, creative and exciting not boring or taken too seriously. With this outfit I wanted to be creative and think outside the box a little. I had so much fun shooting this look! 

Here we go, 

 This is a vintage inspired look, the skirt is a gorgeous lace cream color with fringe at the bottom.


 To complete this  outfit, a pair of nude and beige chunky heels and high-low sleeveless blouse with a beige and tan color to it made a gorgeous statement. 

 Accessories are 🔑 

I love long earrings because they flatter my face. Bracelets have become my favorite now, especially this bracelet. I like the metal and the stones. 

Have fun with fashion!

How can you make your style fun? Comment below.

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Reminiscing on NYFW 

Hey bloggers,

Yes I said NYFW *insert crying emoji*

In February, I was selected as a semi finalist for This is My I’m Fabulous plus size model search. I had an amazing time meeting young women my age with the same passion (modeling and fashion). We still keep up with each other via social media. ❤️

Mac Duggal showroom in New York City. { Dress: Ross, Accessories: H&M and Forever 21}

Super cool case the Mac Duggal team gave us!

My new little sister. Miss you so much!

My second time meeting Madeline Jones the Plus Model Magazine Editor-in-chief. Soo sweet! Thank you for the compliment on my pictures.

After the casting call at their showroom, Mac Duggal and his team invited us to their New York Fashion Week Show F/W 2017 collection.

Mac Duggal Brand:

Today the Mac Duggal Design House continues to showcase seasonal collections known for their statement and entrance-making drama, feminine detailing and modern sensibility. From couture one-of-a-kind styles fabricated for red carpet, performance, stage and screen to cocktail dresses and gowns to mark special occasions and milestone moments – every Mac Duggal design is a timeless and ageless fashion statement that defines every stage of a woman’s life and fashion lifestyle.

To see the curves on the runway was an amazing experience and to see their Fabulouss Plus collection… MY night was made. One day I will be on that runway.

Okay, I’ve been holding out long enough. Time to see the pictures ☺️

Snapchat NYFW filter

The outfit details!!

Bodysuit: H&M

Blazer: New York and Company

Bottoms: JC Penny

Accessories: Target Style and Charming Charlie

Shoes: Nine West

Coat: Target Style

Lip: MAC Cosmetics

Grabbing coffee after the show.

Can’t forget to showcase my traveling partner aka my mom💕 (Thank you dad for everything else)

The room was filled with beautiful people from all over. Sashes and gorgeous dresses on every pageant girl. Beautiful just beautiful! (I might do a pageant one day 😉)



Making new friends, seeing amazing fashion, and eating great food.

The night after the casting call we decided to go Amy Ruth’s in Harlem, NY.

This was literally the best soul food!

Little sister

Blessed and honored to say this is my first but not last NYFW show. Keep dreaming!

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Chic Baseball game attire ⚾️

Hey bloggers,

I know its Memorial Day weekend 🎊 which includes baseball games, cookouts, hanging out with friends/ family, sales and etc. Well, last night I had a great time at a baseball game. The atmosphere was fun and filled with *take me out to the ball game* lyrics.

I actually learned a few new things about baseball…

1. How to keep score

2. How to dodge a flying baseball*

3. Baseball players are cute

*Even if your sitting behind the net, your not safe. (laugh out loud)

Let’s get to the fun part, fashion talk. Since it’s warm and beautiful outside I decided to wear a New York and Company off the shoulder with a dramatic sleeve  blouse. With really cute Keds which are Taylor Swift red and white with lace. 

I received so many compliments on this blouse. This is a blouse that makes a statement!

Next Accessories,

In the picture above, I have a cute brown mini backpack from Target. ( I’m a Target gal 💁🏽) Shades also from Target. Clustered earrings from H&M.

I am also wearing  Kylie Cosmetics| Rosie which is my new absolute favorite plus the color is gorgeous and rich. It stayed on literally all night. (That’s a plus)

Checkout them curls!!!

Aphogee Curlific Curl Definer is the best. It’s gives my curls a great luster and curl.

Had to snap a picture of my food. Taco Salad with beef, lettuce, pico de gallo and sour cream. It was absolutely delicious!

Great night, with great people!

#BeYou #BeBeautiful #BeBlessed

FAVIANA 7923 ✨

Hey bloggers! 

I am back with some more style tips but not just any old style tips but prom style tips. When I went to my prom accessories were key, from the dazzling clutch to the breathtaking corsage. The first thing you want to do is find your dress and what style you prefer.

 Oh lookey here… I know of a place! Faviana  will get you right!!! They have an array of styles from boho, glamour, chic and many more. It’s important to choose a style that best fits you. I personally love chic/ glamour, a classic black dress with a bold red lip and  long black gloves. Can’t forget the pearls! A friend of mine has a bohemian style look and another a rocker chic look. Do you! 

Today we are going to look at Faviana Style 7923 located on Faviana’s to view prom dresses

Faviana 7923- Cold Blue long chiffon deep v-neck with full skirt. Very whimsical yet bohemian! 

A gorgeous bohemian chic style. 

I absolutely love the full skirt. This reminds me of a sundress but an upscale almost next level sundress. A perfect boho style for a girl who wants her accessories to be the center of attention or a girl who isn’t a fan of mermaid style/ ball gowns dresses. The gown comes in cloud blue, ivory, navy and pink bliss. Style 7923 comes in size 0-16. 

Style 7923 would look fantastic with a frosted blossoms choker at Charming Charlie’s. The choker has a very nice bling to it and would complement the cold blue color very well. 

Chokers are so in style that people are starting to wear them with evening gowns and to red carpet events. Just look at Zendaya at the Nickelodeon Awards. Chokers are definitely becoming an essential accessory. 

Flowers crowns are the perfect accessory for this gown. If you have a favorite flower it would be great to incorporate that flower. 

I love the additional colors within the flower crown also.  This specific flower crown would give the gown a pop of color. 

Curls, curls and more curls. The flower crown would look smashing with this Solange inspired hairstyle. If you want to rock your natural curls, go ahead 👏🏽 I love the length and depth of the curls and adding the flower crown… superb!!! 

I have seen some post about prom hair on social media. You can literally do almost anything with your hair for prom. I had my hair in a natural bun which elongated my face. Elegant and beautiful!

If you want more ideas for prom hairstyles look on Pinterest (here). 

As we make our last finishing touches. “Celebrate Yourself” bracelet would be the last accessory for Style 7923. This would be a reminder during your special evening and so on to celebrate yourself. This is important as well as celebrating others. You can also incorporate additional bracelets. 

Well, hopefully you loved this styling post. I absolutely love styling! Be on the look out for additional prom styling posts. 

#BeYou #BeBeautiful #BeBlessed 

Shades of Pink 💗

Hey bloggers,

It’s that time of year again, prom season!!!

I remember like it was yesterday… getting ready for prom. Makeup, shoes, accessories and more. 

If you have a daughter, granddaughter, or niece, make sure they enjoy this time. As my mom would say, “Go all out because the next big event will be your wedding day.” I absolutely agree 💗

Today I am going to style two Faviana prom dresses, Faviana 9397 ✨ & Faviana S 7963 ✨.  I love styling outfits, it gives me the ability to be creative. Styling is actually really fun and refreshing. Faviana S 7963 ✨ is located on Faviana’s website under the Prom Faviana 2017 tab. 

When I think about prom season, I don’t necessarily think about pink dresses. The meaning of pink is unconditional love and nurturing. Pink is very girly, it’s not a bad thing but not every girl is a girly- girl. In the session, I channeled my inner girly-girl. 

Let’s get started!
Faviana 9397 ✨

Loving the movement of the dress!

Beautiful color!

This is so chic and it matches perfectly with the shoes.

Natural makeup!

These are some bad shoes 💥

{ Cherry Pink long flare with a lace-back @faviana_ny with a @katespadeny clutch, natural makeup, @stevemadden shoes. I love the #stevemadden Scarlett shoe because it matches the #katespade clutch perfectly. As seen on the #model the #promdress flatters her #curves and and she exudes #confidence ✨} (Sizes: 12W-24W)

I wish I knew about Faviana when I was in high school. When I was going to prom, I had to get my prom dress custom made. It was gorgeous but I love having options! Faviana gives curvy girls a wide variety of dresses. 
Faviana S 7963 ✨

She is working this dress!!!

Details, details, and detail ❤️

Beautiful soft pink 💗

Charming Charlie earrings. These earrings are so elegant!

Steve Madden shoes, loving the metallic color.

{Soft Pink mikado mermaid skirt with lace appliqué @faviana_ny with @charmingcharlie earrings and @stevemadden heels. This #promdress is magnificent… I adore the #lace!!! Since the dress is the statement piece, I wouldn’t go over board with #accessories… stay classy my friends 😋. @charmingcharlie has a great variety of #accessories for any occasion… make sure you stop by! } (Sizes: 00-16)

The mikado mermaid skirt with lace appliqué is a beautiful elegant dress. I see that young girls are getting more into the details when it comes to prom dresses. Classy yet sexy! If you don’t want to do the sliver / metallic accessories, then go for a color that suits you. 

For makeup, a silver smoke-eye and a soft pink  lip. This would compliment the dress well. 

During this exciting time, make you #celebrateyourself, it’s your time to shine 🌟
Remember “A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous” – Coco Chanel
#faviana #bossbabe #celebrateyourself #stylist #favianabrandambassador

I want to thank the Faviana Brand Ambassador Program for the lovely swag merchandise. I absolutely love my Faviana family. If you want more information at the Faviana Brand Ambassador Program link here. I am definitely growing when it comes to my career. 

#BeYou #BeBeautiful #BeBlessed

Red Faviana Dresses ❤️

Hey bloggers, 

Faviana has amazing Prom Dresses! They have amazing styles, colors, and different lengths and sizes. I want to share with you some of my favorite Faviana’s Red Prom Dresses for 2017. 
Let’s get started, feel free to checkout their website 👉🏽 Faviana

Faviana 7970
Long taffeta dress with one-shoulder sequined lace bodice

This is so stunning!

Faviana 7971
Long sequined lace dress with halter-neck and tulle skirt

My love for lace is real!! ❤️

Faviana 7860
Short mikado cocktail dress with sweetheart neckline and split front overskirt

Classic cocktail look!

Remember, to check out Faviana

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Faviana Plus Size Dresses 👗 

Hey bloggers,

With me being a plus size young woman, sometimes it’s hard finding a beautiful gown in my size. Most of the time, my size is already gone or they don’t carry my size. Sometimes my eye catches the dresses that are not even my size but they happen to be very stunning. It can be very discouraging sometimes, I love that Faviana has plus size dresses and they are fabulous! 

Let’s look at some amazing dresses.

Modeled the beautiful by Iman McDonnaugh, instagram @iamimann.

Plus Size Prom Dresses
Faviana 9405

Beautiful color!

Faviana Plus Size Homecoming
Faviana 9392

In love with the lace detailing

Plus Size Cocktail Dresses
Faviana 9411

Classic black dress…

For more, please visit Faviana!!

Just remember, beauty has no size!

#BeYou #BeBeautiful #BeBlessed

Glam & Gowns by Faviana 

Hey bloggers,

I know we have sisters, daughters, cousins, and etc. who are looking for prom dresses, homecoming court dressing and other kind of dresses. Please visit Faviana

Glam & Gowns- Fashion & Beauty blog, is a blog by Faviana. It is a positive place for young women to come a get updated on the latest trends, healthy snacks, New York City insights, and much more.

Faviana Blog

As a young woman, I feel that it’s important for other young to have a positive outlet. Especially, with media being involved! 

Here is my favorite blog written by Faviana about health snacks, check it out!! 

Hopefully, one of post will be posted on there on day! 

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Curls curls and more curls ✨

Hey bloggers,

For me I love to switch things up. I have a love for natural curls. So here is today’s vintage inspired look! 

Dress: Target Dresses

Shoes: Nine West

Jewelry: NYC Boutique/ H&M 

Hair: Me

Makeup: MAC

📸: THthePhotographer 

A basic wall never looked so good!

💄: MAC (Studded)


P.S. I’m a really good photographer!

#BeYou #BeBeautiful #BeBlessed 

Faviana Brand Ambassador

Hey bloggers,

I am happy to announce that I am a Brand Ambassador for Faviana. Faviana is an amazing brand of gowns. They have prom dress, cocktail dress, homecoming dress and many more. People like Lily Ghalichi, Cheryl Burke, Kim Kardashian, and many more celebrities have worn a Faviana dress. Make sure you check out there Spring Collection here! 

The Brand Ambassadors Program is centered around celebrating yourself and most importantly celebrating others. It’s ok to be yourself because their is no one like you!

Wow, beautiful evening wear at the Golden Globes!

Here are some dresses from Faviana’s collection… 

I am very excited and honored to be a Faviana Brand Ambassador! Can’t wait to see what’s in store. 

#BeYou #BeBeautiful #BeBlessed